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My idea about the Mincrafft server.

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I just played on the server today, and I came up with some idea that i think it would be helpful.


1. The server's name.

 - The server's name is Minecraft 2D, there nothing to complain about it, but in my opinion, why don't we name the server as Terraria or Junk Jack. Terraria and Junk jack both are like Minecraft, but in 2D. So we are playing Minecraft in CS2D, I think we name the server as a game just like Minecraft but in 2D would be better.


2. The server's Item and Building way.

 - The building way: We just keep it as the old Contruction's way. But buildng item like Dispenser or Supply isn't allowed. The builders use their wrenchs and Money they earned to build.

   + The Materials: I think there should be 3 basic materials: Wood, Stone, Food. This idea came when I played on NinjaLife, and that system is really good. The players harvest 3 basic materials, and they can first craft some basic weapon like Crossbow and Wood. Some special materials will be dropped after a monster/boss is defeated. The players can sell their earned materials for money, then they can spent it on building or buying what they want.

   + The Building: The building should be saved after the players left, so they won't get bored because they start to build everything from the start each time they join the server (But they will have to build it up again if the building was destroy). But one's building can be stolen by another players. So if he want to defend his home, he should be prepared for enemies.

  - The Items: Players can craft item in a special area, to craft item, they must have enough materials required to craft.
 Most common items will be sold at the Public Market, some rare item will only drop when a boss is defeated or in a specific event.


3. Public Market and Personal Trading.

  - Public Market: Some players won't be skilled enough to beat the bosses and monsters, so they can harvest the basic materials and sell it until they can buy what they need. The Market wont sell the rare items.

  - Personal Trading: Players can trading with another one, after they agree their own price, they will give the "price" to each other.


4. PvP Battle Area.

  - The players will join the specific area to fight the other. After the kill limit reached, the winner will receive a prize.


5. Daily events.

 - A server will contain both Pro and Newbie. This is a way to make the Newbie get cash faster. The prize should be worth for daily checking. The events will be separated to 2 types.

   + Easy: Just about killing some weak monster, obtacles course, etc....

   + Hard: Killing Bosses, Surviving a large wave of enemies, .... But the prize is much better than the Easy one.


6. Harvest area. (This idea totally came from NinjaLife)

 - As I have said above, the game should have 3 basic materials. So there should be a Place to harvest them:

   + Food: Farm.

   + Wood: Forest.

   + Stone: Mountain.


7. The largest map possible to contain all area I have said above.


8. Change game mode to Deathmatch or Contruction.


9. About VIP's Area: All house in VIP's area are built from the Map and can't be destroyed.


10. Job system: Just another way to help new players gain Money faster. All players have job will receive a daily Payday amount.

  - Doctor: Players will be given a pistol, each shot will heal a little amount of the target's health.

  - Destroyer: Players receive a little Money after they destroyed a block.

  - Murderer: Players gain money for each kill.

  - VIP: Just some rich players who afford the VIP ident. They can access the VIP's area. This is the only Job has no Payday.


That's all my idea im my brain I could think about. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.

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I really appreciate your feedback but today the server didn't work properly, so you didn't see the script. Here it is. But here goes a big deal, should I make creative or survival mode? From what can I see, I noticed that CS2D players just play fun servers like HC Fun, Doghouse or Jail. I guess that they won't spend a lot of time in mining or effort to spend many hours at the server.


Anyway I'm going to write framework for my mods, so it's really possible that I will rewrite Minecraft 2D and add your ideas. Also I won't change the name, because players will join the server if they will see "minecraft" title.

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Yeah you right, Cs2D players used to spend a lot time on some RPG or adventure server. Now thing changed, they focus on jail and doghouse. I wonder why they didn't feel bored to play the same server everyday.

And about your question, i think making the game to be a creative game should be more suitable for a game like Minecraft.

And 1 more thing that you're right. I wrote this suggestion when i didnt see the script work properly. After warching the video, i found it even better than what i expected it to be. I saw the other Minecraft just like following the trail, can't even build anything. But this script is different, it is interesting.

But thank you for reading my suggestion. I'm glad to know it.
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