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Should we change something in the script?

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This is the only server only of us right now. And some thought came across me while i was playing. The fighting in bank make me think about PAYDAY, the game which make us become bank robbers. So this is what i think:


- Gameplay:

  + Counter-Terrorist: Prevent the Terrorist from stealing and escaping with their package.

  + Terrorist: Try to break into the Bank Vault, steal the package and escape.

  + The Package: Should be spawned in the Bank vault. This must be an item which can be picked up and dropped easily by the terrorist. I suggest using the C-4 Bomb. There should be more than 2 packages, so the teams have to plan carefully to defense and escape.

  + Currency: Each kill grant the player a little bonus. After a win, they have cash granted.

  + Shop: To buy some specific items which players cant find in the weapon, armor choosing zone. Like M134, FNF2000, Medic Armor, Super Armor, ...


- Map:

  + CT's Spawn point: Security Room, in which they can choose weapons, equipments and armors.

  + T's Spawn point: Escape Van,  where they can choose weapons, euipments, armors.

     Note: The only armor can be choosen is Helm+Armor. The other armor can only be obtained in shop. 

  + Bank Vault: The area contain the package to be stolen. There are many ways to break into the vault.


Well the mapping I can manage after July, be cause im busy on my Exam right now. But same as always, hope you guys find it interesting and helpful.

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